SCOTUS and the re-definition of marriage… my take

Since the SCOTUS decision on re-defining legal marriage issue, I have been suffering over what answer I would give my friends, when asked (both of who are affirming and those who are not) concerning my opinion about it. This wouldn’t be happening with nearly as great intensely for me if I didn’t love, admire, respect and cherish every single one of my friends and family not only on this site but in every aspect where we connect and no matter where your beliefs reside. We all encompass a wide representation of beliefs, non-beliefs, opinions and very seemingly quiet non-opinionated folks. This is one of the reasons why it’s very tough to be able to express what I feel in my heart without the fear of alienating someone. Obviously, my first thought is one of sincere hope that the outlook I hold onto is one that won’t be so utterly offensive so as to cause anyone even a moments feeling where they would no longer want to continue being friends. I’m definitely not out to burn any bridges and since I’ve been reading a lot of opinions I would like to now offer mine. That being said, my highest allegiance is to God. I am the first to admit that I have been and will always be a sinner who fails at times but not, in so doing, willingly!  Mankind was created in a perfect world and given an original choice to obey God because He is our creator or to follow our own longings (a choice also given to us by our creator) and to go our own path (a choice that isn’t devoid of judgement). Before God passed judgement upon Adam and Eve, caught in their first transgression, He gave them to one other and established marriage between the two who then became as one flesh. Eventually they decided to choose a path against God and sin came into their perfect world by their own choice and we have been living in it from that day continuously unto this, generation after generation. Of all the lessons taught in holy scripture, this is the most basic and fundamental. When sin began its reign of destruction, one by one there were more and more sinful acts added to a list which grew incredibly large.  By the end of the recorded writings, inspired by the Holy Spirit, we have quite a considerable view into many of the things which displeased God, letting us know by way of giving us something called  “law” (a process of regulation also established by God).  Mankind eventually came to the point of having nothing but lawlessness (sin) on his mind and God used his servant Noah to gather himself, his family and anyone he could convince to come with him and be saved. Noah knew that God was about to destroy mankind off of the earth due to all of the continual and extreme wickedness. After that event God promised that He would never destroy mankind, in this manner, again. However, man was not immune from the influence of evil and it has been permeating societies ever since. The only way we can find what pleases and displeases God is to know His word and learn to respect His law. Not only in bits and pieces and misapplications but by understanding the flow of it from beginning to end. It has been said that anything can be proven or dis-proven by the Bible. This is actually somewhat of a true statement when taking verses or chapters apart and putting them back together in a manner which accommodates a given issue.  My position, as I stated before, is that of being behind God’s standard and when He chooses to end this world in finality I, through God’s son Jesus and His own sacrifice for my sins of which I will ever be indebted, am willing to forgo standing for my own “personal rights” and always relinquish myself to God. I do love you all and it’s because of this love that I feel compelled to have “my say” in this. I understand the choices made but I’d like to suggest that we all think and rethink every choice we make every day of our lives comparative to God’s word because these are the very choices which will govern our eternal destiny. This is also why it matters little whether this is a civil issue or religious one. We are all destined for an eternal home and it would not be improper to thoroughly investigate that expectation.


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