Truth is an interesting thing… it is often learned in bits and pieces and, when put together incorrectly and/or added to by well meaning students, can be changed radically. It becomes something which breaks down the already fine tuned precision of the truth, itself. This is what’s happened to the church. It morphed from its original design and became fractioned with bits and pieces of truth left here and there. What is happened is an outbreak of “churches” who claim truth, yet believe radically different things. Which, arguably, has become worship of differing gods without all the stone idols and golden calves. The one true church can still be found if we go to scripture and back away from any catechisms or church manuals which are an unnecessary addition to the truth of scripture which is perfect “as is”. Scripture calls for unity, but not the “unity in diversity” catch phrase which has become so popular. Making the situation worse, all of the differing beliefs are calling themselves “Christians” which has made it very confusing to one who is looking to follow the true will of God. This situation should be a challenge to us, all, to make sure what we are doing is correct by comparing each and every aspect to the written pattern of scripture. If something doesn’t “fit”, then it’s counterfeit.


Published by: Gene

I'm a person who lives one day at a time, making lots of mistakes but realizing that God forgives and strengthens. I am a son, dad, and grandpa. I'm definitely not perfect but I do strive unto perfection as I live my life. "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." (Matthew 5:48)

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2 thoughts on “Truth”

  1. Gene,
    The words written here should already be alive and troubling the soul and mind of every person professing the name of Jesus Christ. Yet, I doubt that much more than 1 out of 100,000 self proclaimed “Christians” would take time to read your words if they were put into print and dispersed and present at every house in every language in every country on this planet. I think about the facts you’ve stated many times, in fact I think you and I have talked about this before.
    It’s sorrowful, although still true, that our “hourglass of time” is emptying, and little is left to fall through. Keep telling people, Gene, and I will too! There is only one TRUE CHURCH which is the BODY OF CHRIST and we are either a part of His Holy Body or not!! There is no other choices!!

    1. Thank you, Bryan! I appreciate your taking time and thought to make a comment after reading what was in my mind and heart to say. I’d like to keep encouraging you to stick to your genuine longing to know truth. Be careful to rightly divide it as there is a line which Satan can use in compromising truth.

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