Duck Dynasty/Phil Robertson Is this just an issue about a reality show?

Even though it seems like “hubbub” over a reality show, it actually does connect to bigger issues we are having in this country. Lots of people are already on edge over many issues. One example being the use of the “N” word. It was slang for utter disgust and loathing against a race of fellow human beings, in our country’s history. Today I find that there would be good reason for obliterating this word from our dictionary. I totally comprehend this, I can grasp the why and the meaning and the ultimate reason that NO ONE should utter this word ever again. As a matter of fact it is a word that offends me, too, especially when I now hear it tossed about irresponsibly. Usually by the very people it was created to be used against. I hear it in conversation, in song and used as a tool of insult or even sometimes jest toward black people one against another. This blows my mind! But what can be done about it? Very similar situation by those who un-restrictedly vociferate the use of the “F” word. Unlike the “N” word the “F” word refers to a human function rather than a human race. It is disrespectful, rude and often represents an illiterate state of mind. So what can we do? Create a law? Set up more education? How about turning to books which have endured and have had effect upon more than 2000 years of human history. Books which have been proven repeatedly in their accuracy. Books written by the pen of men, but from the mind of God as how best to live with one another and how God desires our worship and reverence. (I won’t go into the epidemic proportions of the use of “Oh my god” in this writing but it is, when studying scripture, ultimate disrespect to God).  This world was created perfect but by the evil of Satan became severely broken. There are those who want to wipe out any reference to these writings and have us write our own destiny. So, yes, there is more here at stake besides a reality show. If a man cannot profess his beliefs and is ultimately silenced through force or threat, then we have a definite problem. Phil made it very clear that he has love of his fellow man, and that he loves his fellow man enough to let them know of the warnings which he learned from that 2000 year old God-inspired book. Instructions which changed his own life. There was no hate speech here but what IS obvious is that we are speedily straying from the words which are at the very core of the founding of our country. Dangerously straying to the point which has led us to utter those “N” and “F” words without care and already protected, to a degree,  as free speech and this is just the beginning if we don’t stand up to it now!


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